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You can now rent or download trading stock options for dummies LaPorte, Indiana in beautiful HD. It costs $4.99 to stream, or 14.99 to download and own. You can also help support the film by sharing this video in your website, blog, twitter feed, facebook page and more. And earn a commission for doing it.

Special Edition DVDs, which come with plenty of extras, are still available. Although we’re running out!

Special Edition DVDs are now shipping!

The wait is over, and our learn stock options trading Special Edition DVDs are now available- just in time for the holidays! With more than 45-minutes of bonus features (including characters and scenes not included in the film), viewers can re-experience the film and introduce it to someone for the first time. Click here to order!

Chicago and Brooklyn Screenings!

Four years ago, we published a book of beautiful portraits what are options in stock trading discovered in the back room of a diner in LaPorte, Indiana. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the Chicago and NY premiere dates of the LaPorte, Indiana documentary film. We’d be psyched for you to join us at the Siskel Center in Chicago and indieScreen in Brooklyn. Please mark your calendars and pass the word along to friends. Hope to see you there!

Thursday October 7 at 8:15 pm
Gene Siskel Film Center
164 N. State Street

Thursday October 21 at 9pm
285 Kent Avenue (at s. 2nd St.) in Williamsburg

You asked for it: DVD pre-orders are now available!

Grab one for yourself and send another to your favorite LaPortean: the Director’s Edition DVD out this fall. Please help us spread the word and share the film with loved ones near and far.  Thank you so much for helping to support the project!  Click the photo below to bring you to the DVD store…

Thanks to LP for an amazing week! Tomorrow Indy!

Thank you all so much for the kind words and support! We had an amazing few days in LP, and we’re looking forward to the Indy Film Fest tomorrow and on the 22nd.

For those wondering about DVDs, we made tiny “limited edition” batch to share with those at the LP premiere. We’ll have just a few more tomorrow at the Indy screening, but then the first edition is SOLD OUT. We’ll be making more DVDs in the upcoming weeks and will soon set up a pre-order system to make sure you can get a copy for yourself and loved ones across the country. Check back for more info shortly, and hope to see you in Indy!  And YES!  We will be setting up more screenings in more cities… looking forward to bringing the film to your town, too.

“LaPorte, Indiana” to premiere… in LaPorte, Indiana!

Please join us for the world premiere of LaPorte, Indiana!  We’re thrilled to announce three very special screenings on Wednesday July 14th (invite-only for friends and family of the film) and Thursday July 15th at the LaPorte Cinema.  Mark it on your calendar!  7:30 show is sold out, and we’ve just added a 9:30pm show by popular demand!  Get your tickets at B&J’s American Cafe, located at 607 Lincolnway in downtown LP.  Can’t wait to see you later this week.

Space or No Space?

Here’s a sneak peak from the upcoming film – think of it as a little holiday gift. Tell us how you spell it!

Congrats on the Emmy, Joe!

joe_beshenkovsky_emmyWe’re thrilled to announce that Joe Beshenkovsky won an Emmy for his editing work on the This American Life tv show.  Here’s a photo of LaPorte, Indiana’s director/editor hanging with his hardware for Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming.  Congrats, Joe!

If you’re interested in watching the winning “John Smith” episode or any of the TAL shows, you can see them on a super-limited edition DVD set that’s available here.

And Now… The Trailer!

We’re psyched to share a sneak peek of our upcoming LaPorte, Indiana doc film.  Let us know what you think!  And please help us spread the word- pass it along!

Help Us Raise $7500 $12,000 by August 21st!

From the inception of the film, we wanted this to be a community-based project. To date, we’ve bankrolled the filming out of our own wallets, and from the good will and donations from generous friends and strangers. We’ve decided to join with the good folks at Kickstarter to try to raise an initial $7500 $12,000 to help defray production costs.  We know the micro-financing model will help the film stay in loving hands as we finish up the editing and post-production phases. And beyond this, we want you to be part of the project! We’ll keep you posted with updates and keep you posted every step along the way. Every dollar donated will go towards the completion of this film and to help get it out to festivals in 2010. Any amount- large or small- helps towards sharing these stories.

Beyond this, we offer a ton of great rewards- from original Frank Pease photos to signed books to caricatures and songs written especially for you – maybe you have a sweetheart with an upcoming birthday?  We’ve got all sorts of things that could not only impress- but also help support our project.  Thanks so much for your generosity, we really appreciate it.